junho 9, 2017


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Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

We wish to you all happiness in the world, my darling! May you receive the energy sent for your thousands of fans e friends of the whole world and transform in protection, health, creativity and love.

This is our message of always. Has been said in the post along the past years and we back with them, because we renew this wishes that protect you all the time….
This light what the fans sent, supports you and you’re getting better.

All June 9th, besides a very happy day also is a day for thanks.
Thanks to our idol, Johnny Depp, for be such a exemple of life, focus, persistence in your beliefs, for the kindness with people, the respect for your fans and for bring us so much happiness and joy through your career at movies and music.
Thanks for the friendships that we make through you around the world.
The legion of fans are getting bigger. The quality and fidelity to you are getting more purified.
The fansites dedicated are even more united in a escale around the world.
We can only celebrate.
Celebrate the actor that innovates in each acting. The versatile, the chameleon. The one who found your path and decide them.
Celebrate the musician that each time shows more sensibility and competence, besides uses this gift for great causes.
Celebrate the man who is no afraid of be authentic and free for preconception and free for any type imposes for the society.

And what about all we love?

– The idol?
Yes, that one we see through the histories of our friends around the world which already been with him, and tells how much “he exists”. How much “the time stops”, each time he came front a fan and she became unique.

– The beauty?
This we see daily at the photos and videos posted relentlessly on social medias and sites and forums and galleries in every fan site at world.

– your age?
What age? The chronologic, because your biological time is timeless.
54 years. Irreverence of a teenager, pranks of a child.

– Or maybe I can talk of your beautiful eyes, the silk hair, the smile, the characteristic kind of walk, the arms…. ahhhhh, the arms…..the voice…. ahhhhhh what a voice!!!

Johnny… subjects has plenty. You’re a bottomless pit of themes, analyses, inspirations.
The love for you has all faces: the pure, the idolized, the fanatic, the maternal, the paternal, the journalistic, the filial, the romantic, the vulgar. Each one feels on your own way.

Congratulations!!! Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday for your new life, for your fresh start!
We want continue being part of this. We’re always with you!!!!

Depp Lovers

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